About Us

Our mission is simple - help Physicians succeed.


We started with the genesis of a private medical practice in Connecticut. Our founder helped his physician wife acquire a private practice on Christmas Eve of December 1994. Our journey has been discovering the challenges in administering a private practice and developing technology solutions that help address them. We pioneered outsourced billing when the entire process was rudimentary in 1998. We deployed EMR when it was uncommon in 1999.

With the advent of managed care, billing has become complicated and cumbersome. We have constantly been at the forefront of addressing billing challenges with an unrelenting focus on collecting every collectible penny.

With the passage of ACA (aka ObamaCare), the adoption of EMR zoomed and, with it, the usability challenges. Even though the benefits of easily accessible electronic data outweighed legacy paper charting, click fatigue set in. We are single-mindedly focused on reducing clicks and minimizing physician time spent on EMR.

As issues related to interoperability, AI and, patient data access have come to the forefront, we are addressing these developments to reduce physician burden while keeping up with regulatory compliance.

We remain agile and responsive to physician needs. We value customer service above all. We will continue evolving with enabling technology while preserving our connection with the physicians we work with.