GlaceEMR is our state-of-the-art certified EMR that makes clinical documentation and retrieval easy...

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GlaceEMR-The Best Documentation Workflow for Practice

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Our design philosophy...

EMR has become an essential element in modern practice of medicine. Clinicians want to spend time on patients - not on documentation and endless clicking in EMR. Our approach on every feature is to minimize time and clicks while presenting relevant and meaningful information for decision making.

Easy to use

Custom templates, pre-filled re-usable templates, shortcuts, order-sets, and other features makes documentation a breeze.

Specialty Templates

We offer templates tailored to various specialties and customizable to your specific practice needs.

Fully Certified

GlaceEMR is fully compliant with MIPS, MACRA, PCMH, ACO, HIE and other regulatory and quality programs. Integrated CCM and RPM modules available.

Powerful Scheduler

Our scheduler offers powerful and easy-to-use features that enable intelligent use of your clinical slots across various resources. Integrated with multi-channel appointment reminder system that reduces no-shows.

Seamless Clinical Data Source Integrations

Clinical data from various sources including faxes, labs, medical devices, other providers, Rx history, state registries are integrated seamlessly and presented for your decision making.

What our clients say

“Peace of mind”

… GlaceEMR is comprehensive, easy to use and navigate and provides all the documentation requirements needed in a medical practice.… I would highly recommend Glenwood, and it doesn't matter if you have a small or large practice.

Aura Ardon MD

“Great technical support”

“... Top notch EMR with integrated Billling Service. Great technical support. Always helped in PQRS attestation...”

Purnima Adlakha MD

“An additional bonus is the Glace EMR”

“They are easy to reach, communicate with, and actively make adjustments as requested. Insurance companies are frustrating, but Glenwood Systems makes the process of getting reimbursed as easy as possible. An additional bonus is the Glace EMR, which is really quite pleasant to use.”

Ryan Donagan DPM

“Made our work easy”

“Using Glenwood System as the billing company has made our work easy. Increase in Revenue, good Customer support and focus on unpaid claims keeps our bond strong."

Amita Oza MD

“Very good support systems”

“...Collection is great. Very good support systems and I am very happy with the services”

Dolly Manvar MD
New York

“Revenue has increased substantially”

“Revenue has increased substantially as the claims go out immediately once the visit is recorded by the physician and CNP. Also, knowledge of the billing team helps tremendously to curb any issues before the claims are filed. … Always willing to assist with issues and very polite.”

Naga Prasuna Madireddy MD

“They are technologically advanced”

“...Glenwood customizes according to our needs. They are technologically advanced and are able to provide in-depth analytics with respect to patient care and finances. Customer service is prompt and responsive. Glenwood is a great resource for solo practices like us”

Kamlesh Sanghvi MD

“Revenue impact has been great”

“Our practice has been efficient since partnering with Glenwood Systems. Revenue impact has been great. Will definitely recommend to colleagues”

Larry Flowers MD

“The customer service is amazing”

“I have used Glenwood Systems for the last ten years. I am very pleased with the company, the customer service is amazing, they go above and beyond the normal call of duty. They will help even after hours or on weekends”

Nikesh Batra MD
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates


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