September 22, 2021

How to protect yourself from cyberthreats?

How to protect yourself from cyberthreats?

In the past one-year ransomware attacks are up by 151%. Just like health IT security is also prevention is better than cure. Few simple best practices will help lots of headache.

  1. Keep software updated. This means newest operating system like Windows 11/10 or Mac OS X 11.6 should be installed with their updates set to automatically installed. Older software does not get security patches from the software companies which makes the computer susceptible to attack. In addition to OS any other software you use like Microsoft Office, Java, Acrobat, Internet Browsers, etc. should be kept updated to current version all the time.
  2. Keep hardware updated as well. Especially older tablet computers and phones like iPad, iPhone, Chromebook do not get updates after certain period. At that time make sure to update the hardware also.
  3. Keep the critical data which you cannot afford to lose backed up to HIPAA complaint cloud backup storage like Malwares including Ransomware cannot affect these backups in most situations.
  4. Never open links from Email and Text messages. In recent days phishing attacks (pretend emails or text from your known banks or other organization or even friends and coworkers) are more prevalent. This is the most common method to steal your passwords or account numbers. If you see any email or Text message concerning you, login to the institution by entering the link manually or from your saved favorites or call them directly in their known published phone numbers.
  5. Avoid storing important information in a local computer or laptop or tablet which can be stolen by a malware easily when infected.
  6. Keep a good network security firewall to your networks also keep their subscription current. This is your first line of defense.
  7. Keep a good security software with active license subscription in all computers. This offers second line of defense against malware.
  8. Train all employees on basic IT awareness. HHS offers Security Awareness and Training

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