February 2, 2022

Lost Revenue - Missed Billing

Missed billing happens - especially when various individuals handle services at multiple locations. Also, small misses tend to go unnoticed - but can add up to significant losses over a period of time.

Glenwood's software and processes help practices eliminate missed services. Various reports in GlaceEMR help a practice catch missed services early in the process.

Upon "Release Service" (under Billing menu), GlaceEMR validates all services against a knowledge base and alerts potentially missed services or misbilled services.  It is important that this report is reviewed diligently.

Appointment Service Tally Report provides a list of services for scheduled patients highlighting missed E&M services for office-based services. Pending Order Report for labs alerts any unbilled lab services.

In the Hospital Superbill screen, missing services are alerted when discharges are registered with the "Empty Slots" filter. In Nursing Superbill, "Last billed date" will alert if a service was billed for the previous month.

Glace EMR's smartphone App provides the best features in detecting any unbilled visits for facility-based services during charge capture.

Glenwood also provides Daily Services Billed report on a daily basis (actual codes submitted to carriers). Reviewing this report is also helpful in keeping the process smooth. Periodically this report should be subjected to a coding audit for improvement/compliance purposes.

GlaceRCM/EMR - Billing Service For Private Practice

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