March 16, 2022

Recruiting Physicians for Your Practice

Recruiting physicians is very challenging, especially in non-urban areas where the pool of candidates is smaller, and competition for their attention is stiffer. Here are a few tips to help you recruit physicians:

  • Build a relationship with potential physicians early on. Emailing them regularly with blog content covering aspects of your practice and your area will help retain their attention. If you are using a recruiter, get the email list from them. If not, the NPI database is a good source of information about newly licensed physicians currently in residency programs.
  • Create a role that matches the physician’s needs and values. Offer them opportunities that will grow long term. If offering partnership, highlight your competitiveness.
  • Provide a financial incentive to get them excited about joining your practice. Also, financial transparency will help in physician retention in the long run.
  • Be willing to move quickly on offers. Follow up regularly.
  • Once they join, focus on retention. Address issues before they go out of control. Mentor and pay attention to their career growth in your practice.

As with any endeavor, recruiting challenges can be overcome with diligent planning and execution.

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