June 30, 2021

RPM - Additional service that you can offer!

With an ever-changing and ever-growing technology, many programs are being added to the existing healthcare programs. One such program is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

RPM incorporates advanced technology gear that helps monitor the patient's significant health parameters.

Earlier, the providers were hesitant in implementing the model due to no incentives or low payments by the health plans. Then the pandemic brought Telehealth which in turn gave a boost to RPM.

Check out this HealthcareITNews by a physician, RPM expert discussing all the aspects of this model and how to make the most of it.

Remember, RPM can be billed and reimbursed as additional, non-primary services to add extra cash flow to your practice like CCM & ACP. Though your practice can implement it, an increasing number of third-party providers are available to manage RPM services for your patients on your behalf on a revenue-sharing model.

Glenwood's GlaceEMR is constantly adding features that integrate with RPM providers and devices.

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