October 7, 2021

What is in ICD 11?

The World Health Organization (WHO) released its new International Classification of Disease (ICD-11) in Jun 2018. This was presented at the world health assembly in May 2019 for adoption by member states and will come into effect on Jan 2022.

What is ICD-11:

ICD-11 is the most significant change to disease classification after ICD-10 was introduced in 2015.

A significant improvement in ICD-11 is its coding structure. ICD-11 contains around 55,000 codes compared to 14,400 codes in ICD-10. Which will offer a finer level of detail in coding the diseases.

New ICD-11 is fully digital and available through API for use in multiple IT environments. It will be available in an electronically readable format as well.

When is it effective in the US?

In the US there is no definite ICD-11 implementation timeline established yet. It took 7 years to implement ICD-10 after its publication of the tabular list. So, we anticipate there will be ample time to prepare for this upgrade.

However, the National Center for Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) notes that there are numerous steps needed to move towards ICD-11 implementation including:

  • Evaluation of ICD-11 for U.S. purposes
  • NCVHS Hearings
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
  • Final Rule published in the Federal Register

If you are interested WHO has made various tools available in their website which can be used to review the different ICD-11 classifications and codes.


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