October 20, 2021

Why is the tracking of patients who miss appointments - no show and canceled important?

Tracking missed appointments is an essential function in running a practice. Failing to track and analyze missed appointments leads to a lower standard of care, potential liabilities, and loss of revenue.

Causes for cancellations may vary - from genuine emergencies to general lack of compliance by the patient. Various tools like appointment reminders (text and voice-based) at appropriate intervals, strict no-show fee policy, eventual dismissal from practice for repeat non-compliance, etc. enable a practice to bring cancellations under control.

There is the also issue of liability - if a critical follow-up visit is missed and the patient ends up with a bad outcome, your practice may be unnecessarily dragged into a malpractice case. Having a protocol to handle critical no-show visits helps you to avoid such situations.

Practices with high no-show rates face significant revenue loss. Analyzing no-shows by insurance carrier type, visit type, and other variables help you to design overbooking strategies that help mitigate no-show rates.

Glenwood provides tools and strategies to help private practices address the problem of missed appointments.

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