September 11, 2023

Boosting Your Urgent Care Revenue

Urgent care centers are vital to the healthcare system, offering convenient, quick, and affordable care. But, just like any business, they must generate sufficient revenue to remain sustainable.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting on this healthcare journey, adopting innovative strategies to maximize revenue is vital to thriving in today's competitive landscape.

Let's delve into some actionable tips to boost your urgent revenue while ensuring exceptional patient care.

1. Enhance Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

If you're looking to keep your urgent care practice profitable, there's a key ingredient you can't afford to overlook: an efficient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system.

It all starts at the front desk. By efficiently checking insurance coverage and determining patient responsibility through real-time verification (RTV), you can collect a percentage of the charge up front, maximizing revenue capture.

Here's how you can improve your RCM:

  1. Ensure accurate documentation and coding
  2. Provide clear and transparent communication to patients about their financial responsibilities
  3. Implement effective charge capture mechanisms to avoid undercoding
  4. Streamline claims submission with electronic systems and validate claims before submission
  5. Develop a robust denial management process to address claim denials promptly
  6. Conduct regular audits
  7. Invest in staff training on RCM best practices, coding updates, and payer regulations.
  8. Use RCM software and technology, like our GlaceRCM, for automated and streamlined billing processes.

Addressing back-end functions at the point of service minimizes wait times, creates a positive patient experience, and reduces the risk of bad debt.

2. Harness Technology

Amidst fierce competition, technology is your amplifier, enabling you to rise above the noise and secure a competitive edge.

Here are some ways technology can give your urgent care practice a revenue boost:

  1. Online Appointment Scheduling — enables patients to conveniently book appointments online, reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.
  2. Feedback Surveys — allows you to address any issues promptly
  3. Credit and Debit Card Payments — convenient payment options keep the revenue flowing seamlessly into your office
  4. Online Check-In — enhance efficiency by enabling pre-visit form completion and information submission
  5. Online Payment — reduces administrative burdens and optimizes billing and collections.
  6. Text Confirmations — optimizes appointment scheduling and reduces no-show rates 
  7. Google Business Profile— increases your online visibility
  8. Chat or Email Support — improved engagement and patient satisfaction
  9. Telemedicine Services — a great way to expand your patient base

Glenwood Systems offer technology-driven solutions like our GlaceEMR, which can save your staff's time by automating tasks such as patient check-ins and documentation, enabling them to focus on essential responsibilities.

3. Optimize Staffing

The staffing shortage is worsening, exacerbated by the pandemic burnout. The World Health Organization predicts a 10 million health worker shortfall by 2030.

Many private and urgent care practices grapple with staffing troubles and desperately need innovative solutions.

However, while inadequate staffing compromises patient care, overstaffing incur unnecessary expenses. Optimizing staffing based on expected patient volume is vital to ensure efficient operations.

Analyze your visit volume patterns by comparing peak and slow times weekly, and review yearly volume for seasonal trends. This data will allow you to align your staffing levels to match the average or expected patient volume.

Having adequate staff in your urgent care center offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient patient flow — reduced waiting time, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and throughput
  • Improved patient experience — healthcare providers spend more time with each patient, resulting in better care
  • Expanded operating hours — extended working hours can help attract more patients and generate additional revenue
  • Streamlined revenue cycle management — adequate staffing minimizes billing errors
  • Enhanced provider productivity — prevents overwhelming providers with excessive patient loads, enabling high-quality care and productivity.
  • Cross-training and flexibility — optimal staffing encourages cross-training, empowering staff members to handle various tasks and roles, minimizing the need for additional hires, and maximizing resource utilization.

4. Expand Service Offerings and Extend Working Hours

Expanding your urgent care services beyond minor injuries and illnesses can create new revenue opportunities. But remember to conduct thorough market research before introducing additional service lines.

Understanding the preferences and needs of your community is crucial. Factors like competition, surrounding businesses, patient demographics, and more provide valuable insights into determining which services are most appealing and in demand.

Here are a few options for additional services you could provide:

  • Vaccinations,
  • Preventive Screenings
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Allergy Testing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Behavioral Healthcare

Furthermore, extending working hours to accommodate evening, weekend, and holiday coverage allows urgent care centers to cater to patients who may not have access to primary care during traditional office hours. This increased availability and convenience can attract more patients, leading to higher patient volume and revenue generation.

5. Foster Patient Engagement and Retention

Exceptional healthcare goes beyond just treating symptoms – it's about building strong connections with your patients. A vital factor that directly impacts your revenue is your patient base.

By effectively engaging your existing patients, you enhance their overall experience, boost patient retention, and stimulate positive word-of-mouth referrals. When patients feel valued and satisfied with their care, they are more likely to recommend your clinic to their friends and family, creating a sustainable source of revenue for the long term.

But how do you build loyalty and nurture your provider-patient relationship?

It's simple. Make things easy for your patients.

Focus on streamlining every aspect of the patient journey.

Start by making appointment scheduling hassle-free and convenient, offering online or mobile options whenever possible. During consultations, prioritize effective communication and active listening to understand patient needs and concerns.

Additionally, simplify the payment process by providing transparent and clear billing information, offering multiple payment options, and addressing any billing inquiries promptly.

Implementing these strategies may appear overwhelming, but achieving positive financial results doesn't have to be complicated. With GlaceOffice, our comprehensive software package, you can simplify administrative and billing processes, lower practice costs, and improve financial outcomes.

GlaceRCM/EMR - Billing Service For Private Practice

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